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would be fun to join you, only problem is... i hate following bo's xD
Considering switching to protoss becuase they have too many options
Yay, 2 more zergs going to code S ^^
good for you, when you come back and hit the ladder? ;)
defo not crushing it in fantasy proleague :d
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Hey guys,
from 14th to 17th of june is dreamhack sweden and i planning to go there if anyone is interested comment below so maybe we can go toghether. The full ticket is around 50 euro and if u book a table is like 100 euro. Hope i can find someone :D
Flame#289 a If it's Dreamhack Bucharest I'm game!
Radensca ao If it was closer to where i live i might have gone there... but its too much for me to go there, hope you find someone ...

Diablo 3 project

Radensca ao posted Mar 5, 14
As you propably noticed on the site and on the news in SC2 I have started up the Diablo 3 clan project.
Since the lastest patch (the RoS patch) the game now features the clan system.
The application forms are now split up as you can see above.
The clan is already set up on D3 and i'm going to post a recruiting topic in the eu D3 forums.
If there are people who play the game, hit me up.

Longcraft i completed the starter. to get me to part with my money to pay for it you must tempt me further: questions: 1.) Do i ...
Radensca ao Thats right, but that is changed and AH is leaving end of the month. I'm not forcing anyone to play to the game but dont ...
TheM a well they did correct a lot of the things that made me upset with the game (loot state and the auction houses which were ...

News and forums

TheM a posted Mar 1, 14
From now on all news posts will end up on here and I really want to see people using the forums here since it does have some convenience in allowing people to exchange ideas without being on at the same time as well as allowing people to find out whats going on with the clan without opening sc2 so I would really appreciate it if everyone pushed people they know haven't registered here yet to do so and possibly use the who are you section so we can all get to know each other better
TheM a This is to the rest of the officers as well, if you're gonna make any news post on sc2 or d3 make it here as well so ppl ...

Evex open #3 highlights

TheM a posted Feb 17, 14
Here is a great highlights video from our last open tournament made by refo :)
Rafloz#399 a Best was TheM BMing me for proxy hahaha
Flame#289 a Cool shit Refo! Definitely make more of this stuff! Flame approved.
TheM a ikr that was defo the best one
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